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The cult of greed and power: Scientology and Dianetics

Scientology claims to be "the world's largest mental health organization". What it really is however, is the world's largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy. Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat to the community, medically, morally and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill.

(Quotes from the Report of the Board of Enquiry into Scientology of the Parliament of the state of Victoria, Australia)


Scientology is a form of pseudo-science invented by the mediocre late science-fiction writer Lafayette Ron Hubbard (here is his picture). Scientology claims to make people more able to communicate; but after taking their courses, you'll find out that it will only help you to communicate inside Scientology. It claims to be compatible with other religions; but as you progress, you will have to accept that Elron Hubbard denies JC's existance (also here with more context). It first came up as Dianetics, but Ron got in trouble soon, for teaching medicine without a license. After (temporarly) losing the rights for Dianetics to one of his investors, he founded Scientology, and declared it a religion for financial and legal reasons. Religions don't pay taxes, and they don't have to prove anything. As early as 1968, a magazine called Scientology a menace to mental health. Here a description of Scientology by ex-member Martin Hunt. Scientology is very expensive; a father who didn't want to pay for the "services" of his son received a threatening letter written by Reverend Andrew Bagley, a Scientology official. Recovery takes long and is very difficult. The title of this paragraph comes from the excellent and award-winning article in TIME magazine called The thriving cult of greed and power, written by Richard Behar.

Will the following become true?

"First the Scientologists went after their ex-members, but I ignored it, because I had never been a Scientologist. Then they went after the "squirrels" [Scientologists who practice outside of Scientology], but I ignored it, because I wasn't a squirrel. Then they went after the psychiatrists but I didn't care since I never needed a psychiatrist. Then they went after the journalists but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a journalist. Then the Scientologists went after the Christians but I didn't speak up because I was an atheist. Then they went after me, and no one was left to help me."

(from me, inspired by the Martin Niemöller quote)

Yes, Scientology would like this to become true. L. Ron Hubbard suggested in different books to put people who disagree with in quarantine (20% of the population), or simply to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow (2.5% of the population)

Overview of things to look at:

Learn about Scientology in the USENET

The meeting place of Scientology critics and a few Scientologists is the USENET newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. See the list of frequently unanswered questions to find out what questions Scientologists evade most. If you have problems with your news provider, you can still read through [google groups icon]Google Groups (allows searching the whole usenet for people and topics!).

Scientology has in the past arranged the cancellation of usenet articles it didn't like. But not every article that disappears has been cancelled by Scientology. So before complaining, read the Disappearing Articles FAQ.

Links to Scientology critics

Scientology always considers critics part of a giant conspiracy, controlled by psychiatrists, bankers, communists, fascists, the Smersh (Yes, really! The organization fought by James Bond), the CIA, the BKA (german equivalent of the FBI), the Max Planck Institute or just space aliens. The solution was to declare war against the internet, and as expected, this is backfiring, because more and more information resources are becoming available.

English language links:

Unusual Information about your mind, not directly related to Scientology:
Links in French: Links in Spanish: Links in Portuguese: All cults, other cults (warning: do not contact the Cult Awareness Network (CAN): it has been taken over by scientology as result of a lost lawsuit)

Heroes on the internet: Xenu, Mozilla and "Bob"


Xenu is a sort of devil for customers of the Scientology cult. Since the world of Scientology is quite similar to George Orwell's 1984, you can compare L. Ron Hubbard to the Big Brother, and Xenu to Emmanuel Goldstein. Xenu has web pages in Germany and in Norway.

According to the anonymously posted price list, after a cultie has paid about $159,160 (or worked years for nearly no money at all), and has been in good standing with the management, he is eligible to read the OT 3 (operating thetan three) materials. He gets a xerox of handwritten notes by the cult's founder explaining that all our troubles come from an evil guy from outer space named Xenu. Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times about what the cult did when the materials were available in open court records. Hey kids! Listen to the Xenu after-school special to know more about this guy! (You need to have RealVideo installed)

Jerry Ladd researched about Xenu and came up with a different explanation. According to him, Xenu was good, but an evil guy with the name "Phatmanotoo" framed him to cover up his failure in nuclear science class. He created the Knights of Xenu, a loose community of good people. There's no sign-up, no contract; just affix KoX to your signature and you're in.

How does Xenu look? See Xenu's vacation in Ann Arbor, Michigan (formerly here). There are two other theories. My theory is that Xenu is the monolith from 2001: A Space Oddysey. Scientologists were forbidden to watch the film, because it contains restimulative material. Another theory is that Xenu is Deana Holmes' grey adopted cat. Deana's mom is somewhat anxious about the name. Xenu was pregnant; this didn't keep her from whispering encheferated documents in Deana's ear. Xenu is now a Mom, and gave birth to five kittens! Deana adopted one of the kittens, and gave her the name Zoe. This wonderful story does not end happily for Deana: Xenu is a deadbeat mom.

Steve Fishman's daughter Elysia presented Xenu as work for her creative writing class, but got only a B+ because her teacher considered it unrealistic!

Xenu's favorites:


Mozilla ist the little green monster from the Netscape Corporation. For some time, he vanished from their home pages, so I built the Mozilla Museum. Visit and enjoy!


J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the mighty pipe-smoking salesman, is discussed in the newsgroup alt.slack, which is for members of the Church of the Subgenius, and he preaches Slack ! Read all about the weirdest cult ever.

Also read the success stories of some SubGenius parishioners, who have improved their life thanks to DobbsThink [tm].

On August 5th, the world ended - not!

Does "Tilman Hausherr" mean anything?

It does. "Tilman" has anglo-saxon origins and means "a suitable man, a warrior". I am rather a desk warrior. Judge yourself if this is true. "Tilman" is often misspelled, because other guys are named Tilmann, Tillman or Tillmann. It is sometimes also used as a last name. My first name was given to me after they thought about Tilman Riemenschneider, a german sculptor.

"Hausherr" is a German word and means "The master of the house". The word is also used to mean the "host". It is pronounced like the english words "House hair".

If you like the name, then visit the Tilman link page.

What's in a name, and why does a name tell a lot about your parents? Read chapter 6 of Freakonomics. And don't name your child Kevin.

Who pays Tilman?

From time to time, Scientologists allege that critics are paid by evil people to destroy other people's religions. First, unlike many cults, Scientology is not a religion, but a business; second, critics not only do it for free, but even pay for it: with less free time to watch TV or read a book.

The truth is that I am an ordinary guy who has an ordinary job as a software developer in a company that offers software services to medium and large-sized clients. We develop and maintain optical archives, as well as client & server software to manage them. We also arrange bulk scanning and indexing and provide tailored solutions for our clients:

I did a lot of server-related development on UNIX in the 90ies, and became somewhat disillusioned due to the poor reliability of this OS (this was before LINUX became widely popular; bugs sometimes took years to be fixed!), and concentrated on Windows client applications with Microsoft Visual C++ and their really cool and powerful foundation classes (MFC). I make a better living from it than these two.

Since 2005, I've also done some work with Java, JSTL and Tomcat. I have used MySQL and Oracle databases, including PL/SQL.

Around 2011, I started using Apache PDFBox. Unlike earlier experiences with open source communities, questions were not answered with insults, so I kept using it and even wrote improvements that ended up in the official code, like this one (about Gouraud shading, a 3D technique invented in the 70ies but still relevant!). My experience with Apache projects is that they seemed to have a friendly attitude. I learned a lot in the PDFBox project, despite being neither a graphics developer nor a math expert (although I best in school in math, but forgot all over the years). In 2014, I was invited to become a committer (i.e. have write access on the source code). In 2014 and 2015, I mentored students as part of the Google Summer of Code program.

I've also done some minor work for MediathekView and one bugfix for TVBrowser (both great projects!).

My PGP key

[Icon: Download PGP Now!]If you feel you must send me a PGP-encoded message because you feel under surveillance, go ahead. But do it only if it is really important and confidential. A message like "Hi, Tilman, what's your opinion about this topic" isn't!
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German Section / Deutsche Abteilung

Willkommen in der deutschen Abteilung.

Lexikon der Informatik und Datenverarbeitung

Jetzt in der vierten Auflage! Auch als CD-ROM erhältlich!

Eine technische Beschreibung der Software LEXIKON befindet sich hier. Man beachte, daß das Copyright für die Software nicht bei mir, sondern bei Prof. Dr. Schneider liegt.

Meine Hauptarbeit bestand in der Software und deren Wartung. Die vierte Auflage erschien im Oldenbourg Verlag 1996 pünktlich zur Frankfurter Buchmesse. Und am 25.10.1997 lag die CD-ROM in meinem Briefkasten! Buch und CD kann ich empfehlen - die CD-ROM jedoch noch etwas mehr, da das Buch recht schwer (Stöhn!) ist.

Ich habe damals auch die Gelegenheit ergriffen, selbst einige Definitionen beizutragen. In der LEXIKON Software verweist ein Teil der hier kursiv gedruckten Wörter auf andere Definitionen. Aus Copyright-Gründen sind diese Links hier jedoch nicht implementiert.

Die hier folgenden Definitionen entstanden (vor dem Erscheinen auf CD-ROM) aus der Ausgabe für den Lichtsatz, wobei die Steuerzeichen hier durch geeignete HTML tags ersetzt wurde.

Zaubertricks entschlüsselt

Zwischen 1993 und 1995 hatte ich mir ein seltsames Hobby zugelegt: Zaubertricks entschlüsseln. Mit einem Videorecorder ist dies gar nicht so schwer, auch David Copperfield ist leichte Beute. Die Erkenntnisse habe ich in einem Dokument zusammengefaßt. (Ist allerdings seit 1995 nicht aktualisiert worden, obwohl ich dazugelernt habe) Inzwischen sind Diskussionen zu diesem Thema endlich auch öffentlich möglich, Näheres dazu hier. Frank Pronath, ein geschätzter "Mitstreiter", hat inzwischen auch ein Dokument online.

Impressum gemäß §5 TMG

Tilman Hausherr, Diplom-Informatiker
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Ich distanziere mich ausdrücklich von allen Links zum Landgericht Hamburg.

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